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Ad. Gülperi Eldeniz
Ad. Gülperi Eldeniz
Honor and righteousness are the foundation of justice. ( CICERO )

GPE Attorneys Office has adopted a principle of providing fast, disciplined and result-oriented services to domestic and foreign real persons and legal entities in terms of client satisfaction and was established in Ankara in 2007 as a lawyer’s office.

GPE Law Office sets up contracts for the realization of consultancy, construction, engineering, processing, transportation and procurement activities in merger-take-over and corporate governance areas especially for companies concentrating in the energy, technology and telecommunication, construction and medical equipment sectors to provide legal advice and attorney services preparing and negotiating internationally recognized type contracts, preparation and negotiation of pre-auction and post-bidding ordinary partnership contracts, drafting and negotiating loan agreements and related collateral agreements under the loans and structures provided by financial institutions, negotiating and risk analysis , the letter of guarantee and letters of credit, the issuance of necessary documents for consultancy, preparation and the negotiation of the work under the contract workers employed in Turkey ket, the execution of dismissal process of legal risk analysis done, termination writings and the iCAL contract and according to tbk’y, preparation of the current release is occupational health and safety and supervises social security, work returning to the partnership, postponement of bankruptcy, declaration of bankruptcy, declaration of bankruptcy, execution of the lawsuits of employers and employees within the scope of disputes of return and workmanship, corporation law, establishment of company, capital management rules of capital companies, capital increase in joint stock companies, , the company merged the subjects such as termination under a very wide roof. In addition to our main language, Türkçen, we also provide services in English and German languages It is the moment.

GPE Law Office’s extensive client portfolio includes some of the embassies located in Ankara, large-scale construction companies operating under all kinds of construction projects including infrastructure, energy and road projects. Büromuz Since January 2018, H. Tuchołka, a resident of Poland, has been carrying out representation activities in cooperation with a law firm named P. Białecki i Wspólnicy sp.k.

Founder Gülperi Eldeniz is a graduate of Ankara University Faculty of Law and graduated from the Faculty of Law with a Master’s degree in Commercial Law and continued to work as a doctor in the field of Civil Law-Debts Law. Eldeniz, who wrote academic papers and participated in professional seminars and conferences, has also served as the secretary of arbitration in the major arbitration proceedings of our country.